Grace Leslie

Performer Grace Leslie sits on the right, playing a flute. Audience members sit on the floor in front of her.

Event Date

Vanderhoef Studio Theatre, Mondavi Center, UC Davis

As a Stanford student, Grace Leslie imagined a new kind of electronic music, engineered to harmonize the brain with the nervous system. Leslie has continued to develop this Brain-Body music as director of the Brain Music Lab at Georgia Tech, and as an active electronic musician committed to harnessing the expression granted by new music technology to understand the link between music and emotion. Vessels and Fais de moi un instrument are brain-body performances that combine flute and electronics improvisation that is triggered by electrical readings of Leslie’s brain, heart and skin.

Piece 1: Vessels, 2015-2020

Pieces 2-3: from Fais de moi un instrument (2021)

This performance is associated with the SHAPE course Enhancing the Body: Wearables for the Future, co-taught by professors Gözde Goncu Berk and Mitchell Sutter.