Kinetech Arts: Passage

The photo is taken outside, with a vast horizon in the background. The ground is snowy, there is a empty rolling coatrack off to the right side. In the center, but back a bit, a dancer is bent over with back arm high and front arm curved.

Event Date

Jackson Hall, Mondavi Center, UC Davis

Kinetech Arts combines the work of dancers, scientists and digital artists to create innovative and socially responsible performances. Its piece PASSAGE is an immersive experience that explores the relationship between entropy and time through dance, sound and video installations. The perpetual increase of disorder, or entropy, defines the one-way direction of time. PASSAGE embraces the transience and uncertainties of each moment—and the infinite future possibilities that are inevitably collapsed into memory as we pass through time.

This performance is associated with the SHAPE course Searching for Sustainability through Entropic Forces and Collective Actions co-taught by professors Susette Min and Rucha Joshi.