Still Will Be Heard

A woman reclines on a chaise lounge, with a man standing beside her. Both cast large shadows behind them

Event Date

Jackson Hall, Mondavi Center, UC Davis

During her father's last years suffering from Alzheimer's Disease, singer and composer Liz Queler discovered a new and unexpected refuge in the words of the poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. Still Will Be Heard is the culmination of that burst of inspiration and renewed creativity. This music theater piece features 17 of Millay’s poems set to Liz and her partner Seth Farber's eclectic blend of folk, rock, jazz and bluegrass music. The songs, interspersed with spoken words culled from the writings of both women, take us on a journey by turns playful, dark, fierce and beautiful.

This performances is associated with the SHAPE course Creative Process in the Arts and Sciences: Parallels and Intersection, co-taught by professors Mindy Cooper and Petr Janata.