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The Mondavi Center, in partnership with the University Honors Program, First-Year Seminars and the UC Davis Humanities Institute, is pleased to offer SHAPE (Science, Humanities and Arts: Process and Engagement), a multi-year initiative supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

SHAPE brings together the humanities, arts, sciences and engineering, focusing not only on those disciplines’ distinct perspectives and processes, but on where they intersect in the service of creativity and curiosity; by doing so we provide undergraduates with a full spectrum of intellectual tools for understanding their world. With the support of the Mondavi Center, a performing artist is actively engaged with the students throughout the quarter the course is being taught in.

The Mellon Foundation’s grant provides funds to enable a second faculty member to participate fully in each course. Teaching teams composed of one UC Davis science or engineering and one humanities or arts faculty have designed and co-teach newly developed undergraduate courses, addressing significant issues and subjects, through a multi-disciplinary lens and contribute to the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion based on teaching, service, and research.

A faculty steering committee, appointed by the Chancellor, and including both the Chancellor and Provost as members, selected eleven unique courses with the first course taught in Fall Quarter 2020.

Of these eleven courses, six are being taught as First-Year Seminars and five as University Honors Program courses. The Mondavi Center assists the faculty in identifying a performing artist to connect to the course topic. Each selected artist is actively engaged with the students through residency activities throughout the quarter. Each individual SHAPE course culminates with a public performance at the Mondavi Center, bringing student learning opportunities to a diverse audience.

To learn more about the selected courses please visit our 'SHAPE Courses' page.