To accommodate the wide array of ideas that faculty may have, SHAPE courses can be taught as either First-Year Seminars or University Honors Program courses.

First-Year Seminars

First-Year Seminars are an exciting small, innovative classes that reflect instructor’s intellectual interests. These small once-in-a-lifetime courses promote intellectual exchange, critical thinking, and community.

  • Typical FYS courses are 1 or 2 units; however all SHAPE courses are 2 units.
  • FYS courses are capped at 19 students each.
  • Pass/No Pass or letter-graded.
  • Can be taken by any undergraduate, although first-year students are given the first opportunity to register.

University Honors Program Courses

The goal of an honors course is to provide students with special, small courses that provide greater access to faculty and a closer encounter with the course material.

  • Courses are 3, 4, or 5 units.
  • UHP courses are capped at 25 students.
  • Letter-graded only. These courses cannot be graded on a standard curve, and we encourage the instructors to experiment with a variety of forms of assessment.
  • Any course that fulfills GE or major requirements can be offered as a UHP course. We encourage faculty to utilize one of their own home department's course codes. If one is not available, please contact Dave Furlow.
  • Courses are available only to UHP students.