Applying to teach a SHAPE course is a two-step process. The course proposal process begins with the application that allows for the faculty team to submit their course idea to the SHAPE steering committee. The application includes:

  • The faculty’s home department.
  • The course format choice as either a First-Year Seminar (FYS) or University Honors Program (UHP) course.
  • The respective quarter the course will be taught in.
  • The importance of the course topic -- its social significance, and why the team is addressing this particular topic.
  • Ways the course addresses diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Information about the team’s desired performing artist collaboration in the format of e.g. dance, music, theatre, spoken word, etc.
  • If a specific artist is not been identified in the application the Mondavi Center will help identify one in collaboration with the faculty team.

Once an initial SHAPE application has been selected, the First-Year Seminars or University Honors Program directors will guide the faculty teams through submitting their SHAPE course to the FYS or UHP proposal systems.